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Service & Cambelt Broadstairs

With an increased push for lower vehicle emissions and higher performance, engines have never run at such high tolerances!


 The primary function of engine oil is to PROTECT – In fact, a vehicle’s engine oil is the only thing preventing metal-to-metal contact within the engine.
That’s why it’s so important to have your service carried out on time with us!

Low Mileage? Your service is still important!

Shorter journeys and low mileage puts an equal, if not greater strain, on your vehicle’s engine oil, as well as affecting other components, such as the battery. Because of this, it’s equally important that you have your vehicle serviced regularly.

Inc Electric & Hybrid Vehicles!

Our team are fully trained and equipped to look after your Electric and/or Hybrid vehicle(s)

What’s included?

We replace the oil and oil filter on every service. The other elements of the service, such as the air filter and spark plugs, are called for replacement at different intervals, depending on the age and mileage. Our team will advise you accordingly, as to the specific requirements for your vehicle.

Also included:

  • Thorough vehicle inspection
  • Battery Health Check
  • Complimentary Wash & Vac
  • Peace of mind

All content is a draft and requires checking by customer 🙂

Digital Service records? Do you have access/ would you like to mention this?

Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement

The Cambelt or Timing Belt on your vehicle is a vital rubber belt that ensures the engine is in perfect synchronisation. The timing belt synchronises the crankshaft and the cam-shaft, so that the correct valve opens in relation to the piston stroke and at the correct time.

When does my cambelt need to be replaced? Each manufacturer specifies their own interval for when a cambelt should be renewed. Typically, on Audi/VW products it is 5 years but on Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover it is 8/10 years. For more information about your vehicle please contact us.

What happens if my cambelt breaks? Unfortunately,ifa cambelt breaks whilst travelling,the consequences can be quite catastrophic. There are often no warning signs, it just breaks – In the event of cambelt failure you’ll be facing a major engine intervention.

Do all vehicles have a Cambelt? No, whilst many vehicles use a rubber cambelt, some vehicles have a metal timing chain or timing gears.

Do I need to replace the water pump too? In many vehicles the water pump is driven by the cambelt or auxiliary belts nearby. In this case we advise replacing the water pump at the same time.

Please contact our reception team for further information.