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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Broadstairs

Do you have an electric or hybrid vehicle?

You’ve come to the right place.


 At Broadstairs MOT Centre we pride ourselves on offering customers a wide range of services for your motor vehicle – including electric and hybrid ones.

Much of the maintenance work required on electric and hybrid vehicles is the same of that of its internal combustion engine counterpart. Our team are trained and equipped to assist with all of your service and maintenance requirements including with your electric and hybrid vehicle!

FAQs and Further Information

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Broadstairs

Why choose us to look after your electric & hybrid vehicle?

We’ve got the correct tools, equipment & certification

Experience, expertise & diagnostic support: Not only are our staff qualified and equipped but we have first class technical back-up from Bosch, HEVRA & others.

Available components: Broadstairs have a good supply chain from across manufacturer’s but also many electrical units and components are repairable and spare parts are also readily available.

Types of electric and hybrid car repair we offer

Electrical Systems Repair: E.g. Charging system, Power electronics, and Battery cooling system

Drive System: Such as electric drive system, including the electric motor, power inverter, and transmission.

Braking System: Services for repairing the brake system of electric and hybrid vehicles, including the regenerative braking system

Software and firmware upgrades: We have main dealer level equipment to ensure your vehicle has the latest software – this can improve its performance and address any bugs or glitches.

Maintenance & Repair: All of our services are available for your electric and hybrid vehicle too! MOT, Service, Diagnostics, Brakes, Tyres, Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning & more.

The benefits of regular service & maintenance on your EV vehicle

  • Regular maintenance can identify potential safety issues, reducing the risk of breakdowns and accidents on the road
  • Regular maintenance can ensure the vehicle’s battery and other components are functioning at their best, leading to improved performance and fuel efficiency.
  • If your vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty, regular maintenance is often a criteria to maintain it.
  • Regular maintenance can extend the life of the vehicle’s components, helping to keep it running smoothly for longer.
  • Well-maintained vehicles of any type are likely to fetch a higher resale value.

When does you electric/hybrid vehicle require a MOT?

Just like other vehicles, your electric or hybrid vehicle requires an MOT on its 3rd birthday then annually thereafter.

How do I know when my electric or hybrid vehicle needs a bit of TLC?

Reduced range or decreased battery performance could indicate that the battery requires a repair or replacement.

If your EV isn’t accelerating as quickly as normal, it may indicate a problem with the motor, transmission or battery

In the event of warning light appearing on your dashboard this is always an indication that something isn’t as it should be. Book in with us at your earliest convenience.

If you hear unusual noises coming from your electric or hybrid vehicle, such as grinding, knocking or whistling, it may indicate a problem with the motor or transmission

Slow or no charging: If your electric or hybrid vehicle is not charging as quickly as normal or not charging at all, it may indicate a problem with the charging system or the battery

Reduced fuel efficiency: If your hybrid vehicle is not getting the fuel efficiency as normal, it may indicate a problem with the hybrid system or battery

Commons issues with electric and hybrid vehicles…

  • Battery
  • Charging cable
  • Cooling System
  • Brake pads / brake discs (brake system)
  • Tyres
  • Cabin filters (air conditioning)
  • Windscreen wipers

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Broadstairs

We are proud to announce that we have joined HEVRA - the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance.

We are now part of a network of approved independent garages that offers servicing, repair and maintenance of Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Staff are trained to IMI-approved Level 3 & 4 in Diagnostics Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components.

If you have an EV or Hybrid, you can be confident our staff have the relevant qualifications and tooling to look after your vehicle. As HEVRA members, we have access to a wide range of resources and training to keep look after your vehicle. For more information, please call 01843 602190.


For all of your electric and hybrid vehicle MOT, Service & Repair requirements – Contact us!